Personal Insurance - Valuable Items

Most homeowners' policies have special limits on the amount of coverage for items such as jewelry, furs, silverware and collectibles. The policy also limits the type of loss covered for these items as well. Coverage under your homeowners' policy is subject to your deductible. How do you properly protect your special items? By placing a list or schedule of these valuable items with your insurance company, you can change the coverage to these items.

When you schedule your valuable items you add mysterious disappearance and accidental damage coverage. Scheduled items also are not subject to the policy deductible. If, while wearing a scheduled diamond ring, the stone falls out and is lost, you would have coverage to replace the stone with like kind and quality. Without scheduling the diamond ring, this loss would have no coverage under your homeowners' policy. A professional appraisal or a copy of the sales receipt of the valuable item is sometimes required. This helps assure the amount of insurance listed on the schedule accurately reflects its current value.

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