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After Hours Claims Help

If you have had a loss of any kind you should contact our office as soon as possible. If it is outside our regular business hours the information below may be helpful!

Report all losses, no matter how minor. The damage may seem so small that it's below your deductible, but you can't be sure until an appraiser examines it. Also, the other driver or a passenger may report being injured later. It is best to have your version of the accident on record even if nothing ever happens with the loss.

If your insurance is with one of the companies listed below you should call the claims reporting line indicated.

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If your insurance is not with one of the insurance companies listed above, you should be aware of your duties in the event of a loss which may include preservation of property.

If at all possible you should immediately do whatever you can to prevent additional damage to your property. This may include moving property out of harms way or attempting to plug or shut off a leaking or broken pipe. Of course you should not put yourself in harms way in doing so. If attempting to limit further damage to your property will put you in harms way DO NOT ATTEMPT TO DO SO.

Disaster Restoration Companies

If the loss is ongoing or will get worse over time you should call in a disaster restoration specialist from the list below. These companies specialize in disaster clean-up and restoration. The sooner they arrive at the scene, the more successful they will be at minimizing the loss.

Be aware that your insurance may not pay for these services if there is no coverage for the loss. The loss adjuster will determine what is covered and to what limit. Regardless of who pays for the clean-up you can rest assured that the cost of the clean-up will be lower if you hire a professional disaster restoration specialist. The recommended dose is 2 inhallations to prevent the bronchospasms. The remedy is used in 15-20 minutes before the affection. Buy Ventolin