Homeowner's Insurance in Massachusetts and New Hampshire

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A good homeowner's insurance policy is the first line of defense in protecting you and your personal assets. Homeowners insurance policies range in scope of coverage but all provide protection for physical losses to your home as well as personal liability to protect you from suits arising out of your everyday exposures. From slip and falls on your property to accidental injury to another person while you are away from your home, your personal liability coverage is there to protect you.

Homeowner's Insurance products include options for:

  • Home Owners
  • Condo Owners
  • Renters
  • Properties rented to others

Homeowners Insurance is not the same product it used to be. Today you can find many different coverages available from different insurance companies and options also vary by state. Endorsements are now available to cover such recent issues as Earthquake damage, physical and liability losses resulting from Toxic Mold & Mildew, Sewer and drain back-up, Identity theft assistance and IT tech support. Fitts Insurance Agency offers Homeowner's insurance in Massachusetts and New Hampshire. Take a few minutes to complete an on-line quote request now. There is no obligation to purchase coverage.

Umbrella Liability Policies are probably one of the best insurance values for the dollar. Personal umbrella policies provide catastrophe liability insurance in the event that you are faced with a law suit that exhausts the limits of liability on your homeowners policy or your automobile policy. We recommend umbrella insurance coverage to anyone who owns a home or other significant assets and to anyone who has future earning potential. Most typical homeowners can expect to pay between $120 and $220 a year for and additional one million dollars of protection over your home and auto policies.

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