Automobile Insurance in Massachusetts and New Hampshire

Family with auto insurance in Massachusetts

When you're looking for auto insurance in Massachusetts or New Hampshire, it's important to have options so you can ensure you get the right plan to meet your needs at the best possible rate. Fitts Insurance represents multiple insurance companies, among them the top three auto insurance writers in the state.

The advantages of working with us don't stop at price. With the way the direct insurance companies are marketing themselves these days you would think they are selling a loaf of bread or a gallon of gasoline, where the lowest price is the best option. Insurance is financial protection for you and your family in the event of an accident. Why risk gaps in coverage to save a couple of bucks. Saving $35.00 a year might sound like a good idea when you bought the policy, but it's not very comforting when you find out that you have a $500 glass deductible after a rock hits your windshield. That's a very small example of a coverage gap you might find if you aren't careful selecting your insurance policy.

As a Fitts Insurance customer you can expect us to take the time to evaluate your auto insurance needs and provide you with coverage that responds to claims the way you would expect it to, all the while at a competitive price.

The Managed Competition automobile insurance marketplace gives insurance companies flexibility in their pricing and enables them to set rates higher and lower for certain drivers. Most companies are rewarding the very best drivers with the steepest discounts, while some are stronger with drivers whose records aren't so immaculate. The number of credits available grows seemingly every week and along with the numerous new coverage options there's good reason to take a second look at your auto insurance.

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While the managed competition system is saving many drivers hundreds of dollars, the task of finding the best company for each driver is painstaking and time consuming. Why spend valuable time calling multiple agents or companies when you can find your best possible rate every time at Fitts Insurance.

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